The Twisted Cliff LLC.

Bringing the creative services of Dominic Urbano to industrial, business, and select personal clients worldwide.

The Twisted Cliff LLC is registered and licensed in Washington State and does business as

Gold Medal Productions and Fallen Leaf Imaging.

photographer-dominic“My background is diverse. My talents are diverse. My services are diverse. My ability to serve a wide range of specialized client needs is rooted in my ability to listen to and understand the unique needs of each client. I run a business that is big on service regardless of the size of the order.  My client list includes some of the largest corporations in the world as well as small business and individuals working on special projects in their personal workshops. In world dominated by hyper-specialization I am proud to be a generalist. The Twisted Cliff LLC is my broad umbrella under which I am able to work with a wide range of clients on a wide range of projects.” – Dominic Urbano

Gold Medal Productions

Gold Medal Productions is a laser engraving, cutting, and marking service that specializes in low volume custom orders. Serving industrial client needs for high quality durable metal identification and stamp plates as well as providing custom plaques and recognition awards since 2001. Dominic’s unique background that spans the worlds of athletics, coaching, education, and heavy industry combine to provide superior service to a wide range of customers. Gold Medal Productions gives customers access to the versatility of laser engraving, cutting, and marking for their own unique project needs. The Gold Medal Productions web site can be found at

Fallen Leaf Imaging

Fallen Leaf Imaging is the professional photography and media production component of The Twisted Cliff LLC. With a professional photography and video production portfolio that dates back to the mid-1980’s Dominic is proud to be a photography generalist.  Starting in the mid-1980’s he worked as a public relations photographer while working toward a bachelors degree in mass communications (specializing in video production). Fallen Leaf Imaging makes available Dominic’s photography, video production, and digital imaging talents. The majority of the business centers around the direct sale of Dominic’s images as fine art displays for home and business, but Dominic does also contract his photography and imaging services to select clients.

The majority of the fine photography prints are in the form of incredible of prints on metal.  This is a fairly new form of photographic printing and it produces the clearest,  sharpest, and most vibrant photos possible. It is the first time I have worked with a print medium that rivals the richness that used to only be seen when looking directly at a color slide. It would be difficult for me to overstate the quality and clarity of this type of print.  With hundreds of fine art images available, I fill custom orders for wall display artwork for your office and home.

The Twisted Cliff LLC is a creative services company with its office in Anacortes WA